Patented Systems

Patented Systems

Our research into innovative systems to improve the effectiveness and design of our products has always been our principal objective. This has allowed us to obtain international recognition, which in turn has stimulated us to make an increasing commitment towards it.

Bearing this in mind, we simplified the work of assemblers, by making a 6 metre head rail for every kit in the SKUDO series. The same rail will also give spring loaded roller screens (even with face fitting) a spring/chain control, with lateral or bilateral opening, suitable for windows and balconies with only a change in accessory kit.
The design and applied, innovative technology were appreciated by the experts in the sector, who awarded us the gold medal in the Design Plus competition at the Trade Fair Equip’Baie 2000 in Paris.

The insect screens in the SKUDO series use a spring loaded retracting system which depends on the force placed on the spring inside the aluminium roller barrel, around which the mesh is rolled. Any accidental opening of the screen could obviously cause a rapid retraction of the mesh putting user safety at risk as a result.
To eliminate this problem we have designed a unique system in full compliance with the EEC standards which will reduce speed: SRV - SPEED REDUCTION SYSTEM.

Contrary to other systems available on the market in which an extra accessory has to be added to the kit, our system is concealed in the roller barrel headbox and is, therefore, part of the assembly kit. However, the traditional spring loaded roller systems require adjustment of spring tension even after installation of the insect screens.
In fact, different sizes of openings, wear and tear and accumulation of dust over time all compromise the functioning of the mechanism.

To resolve these problems, our company has designed and produced an exclusive system: CRM- SPRING ADJUSTMENT CONTROL.
It enables even retro-fit adjustment of screen spring tension, using a hexagonal key supplied in the kit to insert into the hole on the head.

The combination of the two systems (CRM & SRV) makes our product, safe, functional and easy-to-use.





guida sikura

Guida Sikura

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